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Safety is everybody's business. Our business is to help you ensure it.


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We add reliability and safety confidence to your products and processes. Contact us for your reliability, safety, and risk analysis needs.

Experience, Efficiency, and Excellence

Experience, Efficiency, and Excellence

Most disasters, accidents, and serious equipment failures and human errors happen because of the lack of appropriate knowledge or failure to apply it. We know that a chain fails at the weakest link. We apply an approach which is both comprehensive and economical to uncover such weak links. Our goal is to help you allocate your reliability and safety resources where they count.

Contact us for quality consultation tailored to your business and regulatory needs in the following areas

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)
Risk Management Strategies and Plans
Safety and Reliability Programs Development and Evaluation
Risk/Benefit Evaluations
Reliability, Availability, and Fault Tree Analysis
Regulatory Requirements and Compliance

Reliability & Safety Assurance Consulting Services

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